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Do Casino Apps Really Have a Future

What’s the Future Of Mobile Casino Apps?

Nowadays we have a large number of mobile games available on our smartphones or tablets. Some time ago we couldn’t even access casino games. There are lots of casino apps now, including blackjack, roulette, video poker and even live dealer games. Advances in mobile technology present some of the most exciting possibilities for the future of online gambling, with apps being a big part of that future.

According to Gartner, Inc. apps would not exist anymore by 2020. They declared about the possibility to finish using apps because of safety issues. The technology has been developing very fast and applications do not have time to compete with other software.

It seems quite a serious statement because it is a leading company that gives fairly reasonable predictions of the research in business and technology. This company has recently published predictions about the directions of the app market, cooperating with apps and the value of apps in our life.

For example, playing casino games on the phone apps on the go is less indifferent than playing on the desktop. It is familiar for every gambler.
We suggest to look through our beloved casino apps. Do they have any issue?

Are Mobile Apps Secure Enough?

Gartner claimed that phone apps are not secure enough. 75% mobile apps in app market do not have even basic security. Modern applications do not provide us with appropriate levels of protection. And it is much more serious question than you might think.

HPE Security Research publishes detailed Cyber Risk Report 2016. There were introduced the primary concerns of mobile apps:

  • Insecure Storage
  • Privacy Violation
  • System Information Leak
  • Misuse of Client Data
  • Insecure Deployment

Is Your Data Under Security?

Most applications request access to external phone storage and the input method is logging in. Thus, your data becomes vulnerable to hacker attacks who use security gaps in applications.

Such situation is especially dangerous for those users who use applications for bank customers and who makes money transfers through applications.
For example, a casino app.

Although there are many companies that care about the safety of customers’ information when they make money transfers. Working on the JavaScript frameworks helps to prevent the loss and leakage of your data in this case. But even in this case there is the likelihood of insecurity.

What Will Mobile Casino App Look Like?

As we wrote above, Gartner predicted the future of technology in 2020. Among these predictions, there were a lot of concepts that has already become a reality at the moment.

What will mobile gaming look like at the time when today’s app technology has become outdated? Of course, the concepts have some security problems, too.
Let’s analyze this question in details. To imagine the future of mobile apps we decided to apply the concepts to the gambling apps.

Augmented Reality Apps In Gambling

Let us consider Snapchat and Pokemon Go. We already have an idea what augmented reality is. Although it has only the initial stage of development, but it exists. And we can already imagine gambling at the Augmented Reality app.

What about roulette game in Augmented Reality app? You can choose a game in the Augmented Reality app. You can see the roulette table that stands right in front of you in the room. And you can play a real roulette game.

Moreover, the companies noted that games in this format are in demand much higher than similar site games adapted for phones.

Voice Browsing In Gambling

Today, we are already acquainted with bot Alexa or talk to Siri and Cortana. So we immediately understand what it means.
Everyone understands how boring and slow to type long commands on the phone. And modern technology makes “voice browsing” available, and commands in applications become easy.

Using this technology, you can stop to bother yourself and ask your phone to tell you the rules of the game in any online casino.
Such technology will offer you, for example, to immerse in the atmosphere of the craps game and hear the voices of the players who make bets and you can make a bet without touching the phone. You just say what bet you want to make.

You needn’t to touch the phone screen to give a command no longer. Moreover, this technology is being developed to further facilitate our interaction by giving voice commands instead of dealing with auto-correct.

Are You Ready To Meet the Future?

Gartner believes that 20 percent of brands will abandon mobile apps by 2019. It is assumed that they will use a hybrid mobile browser that will have the features of applications.

Therefore, you can not know exactly what will happen with your accounts in the future. They might either be abandoned or withdrawn from the market. It implies that it is unreasonable to transfer all the money to a mobile application and to stop your choice on a specific application.

We don’t know for sure casinos would decide to place all their money in mobile-friendly sites rather than their apps and when it can happen at all. Therefore, make your choice carefully.

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