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Do New Payment Systems Signify the End of PayPal in Online Gambling

Is It the End of PayPal in Online Gambling?

Online payment system PayPal is an excellent solution for many players, which helps to make online payments on gambling sites. It has been providing quick, secure and easy transactions for a long time.

Online payment systems are constantly competing in the online gambling field. That is why PayPal aims to constantly improve and update online payment systems in online casinos.

Visa Checkout (Visa) and MasterPass (Mastercard) have recently been progressing.

Is it worth being warried for PayPal? Is it possible for Visa Checkout and MasterPass and with other electronic payment services to take leading positions in the online gambling world? Does it mean the end of PayPal at casinos?

Let’s consider these questions.

Is it worth being warried for PayPal?

PayPal offers a secure and convenient way to manage your money, as well as various payment and personal transfer methods in the world. But PayPal’s connection to online gambling wasn’t established a long time ago.
It is very difficult to compete in the field of online gambling sites. And PayPal has a lot of rivals, too. To compete they offer for players various deposit methods such as:

  • payments by a phone
  • card payments
  • crypto-currency payments
  • lots of different e-wallet and online payment systems

Visa and Mastercard are the world’s leaders in digital payments. These giants create a powerful competition to PayPal In card payments. Nowadays card payments are the most popular depositing forms.

Besides, Visa and Mastercard e-wallet services have been expanding. This aspect makes the PayPal association think about improving its service. Choosing from a huge number of payment systems it should be noted that PayPal has a lot to offer you.

Online-Casinos with PayPal

While other payment systems have been constantly evolving, PayPal remains an up-to-date and common type of transaction. Thanks to the well-deserved authority and well-established traditions casinos are pleased to deal with PayPal.

PayPal provides customers with safe, simple and smart payments. And the casino appreciates all the advantages of such interaction. More than 244 million PayPal users around the world are also potential customers of online-casinos.

Different Online Payments

At the present time there are other ways to pay at online casino offering e-wallet payment methods other than PayPal. For example, they are Skrill and Neteller. They are very large e-wallet systems.

Besides, such e-wallet systems as Trustly, Zimpler and Sofort increase their spread in online gambling. That’s why they become popular services for European players to fund their online gambling activities.

Visa Checkout и MasterPass are not used nowadays. The same time these services have been constantly developing. Most casinos allow paying through Visa and Mastercard. It could be mean that casinos will prefer to switch to payment through Visa Checkout and MasterPass

PayPal Overtaking in 2019

It is hard to believe that PayPal will decrease in 2019. It seems PayPal will keep its positions in the world of online gambling.
The number of competitors is constantly increasing, but the importance and credibility of PayPal is not decreasing. This means that American payment system is not going to leave the field of casino sites.

A Stable Position of PayPal

PayPal has never tried to win complete domination of PayPal digital payments in online gambling field. However, having a stable position, this payment system does not reduce it.

Ultimately, the number of payments in PayPal system might be slightly reduced. But a notable decrease in PayPal use in online casinos is not predicted.
PayPal system constantly confirms its intention to remain in the same positions in the online gambling sphere. Recently, PayPal acquired the peer-to-peer system, which can only underline the steady growth in the online casino sphere.

What Are the Best Casino Deposit Methods in 2019?

In 2019, PayPal will have a strong competition, let’s consider its main competitors in casino deposit methods.

  • Card payments. Although various payment methods are constantly evolving standard card payment seems to remain the main payment service in 2019.
  • Skrill. Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallet payment methods in UK online gambling. It has the same benefits like PayPal users have. Skrill users will have to pay some fees for the service.
  • Neteller. Neteller is the second most popular e-wallet payment methods in UK online gambling. Besides, it’s well-connected with online-casinos. While Neteller and Skrill have the same working way the Neteller’s fees are higher.
  • Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Litecoin have been gaining popularity. They are increasingly being used for deposits. Perhaps, new methods of cryptocurrency deposition will appear in 2019.
  • Zimpler. Zimpler is Swedish service for transactions through your phone. For deposits you need to add your phone number, then you get a verification code and enter card details. This service is popular among European gamblers.
  • Trustly. Trustly is the second Swedish online payment service. It provides users with payments by simply logging-in and usual bank details.
  • Sofort. It is a German service. It has the same principle of operation like Trustly. It is available in eight countries of Europe. Gamblers should choose their country and bank, log-in with their usual bank details and make deposits.

Staying With PayPal

Visa Checkout and MasterPass are payment services which grows with high rates. They could compete with PayPal in online casinos. But there are some reasons why such competition may not come
PayPal was the first online payment service in gambling sphere. And its authority has been growing since its uprise.

It’s likely PayPal isn’t going to disappear soon. Having lots of competitors American outfit supports PayPal to stay in the online gambling world.

What is the future of PayPal in online gambling?

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