Odds of free blackjack betting vs. regular blackjack Which game is easier to win?

It would seem that Blackjack is Blackjack, place bets, and score points! But everything is not so simple: in real life, and virtual online casinos, you can stumble upon the most varied variations of the rules of this famous game. So, let’s compare free bet blackjack odds vs. regular blackjack. Compare free bet blackjack odds vs. regular blackjack.

What is the difference

So blackjack is normal versus blackjack with free bets.

Both options are worth a try. They are virtually equivalent. It all depends on individual preferences and experience.

The charm of the atmosphere of a real casino, even the tactile sensations a player experiences while playing offline, cannot be compared with anything. Unless, of course, there is an opportunity to play blackjack online …

Playing blackjack online is no less reckless; moreover, this option is more comfortable and provides more opportunities. A big plus of online games is the opportunity to play blackjack for free, which real casinos cannot allow. These are ideal conditions for a beginner to gain sufficient experience for serious bets. After some time, you will feel the strength to play online blackjack “seriously” for relatively large amounts of money.

Pay Differences

As for payouts on winnings, regular blackjack is paid one to one, and blackjack for a free bet is paid two to one. If equal points are scored, then a draw is declared – push. Bets can be made in the range from one to one hundred euros on five boxes.

There are no bonus payments in the game for a free bet; a progressive jackpot, which is in the regular version of blackjack, is not raffled off either.


The verdict is this: the odds of winning on different versions of Blackjack cannot be predicted. What is easier to win? Regular blackjack or blackjack for a free bet? Success depends on:

  • the conditions offered in each particular gambling establishment;
  • hands (yours and the dealer);
  • previously issued cards;
  • and, of course, the chosen strategy.

You can evaluate the Blackjack odds yourself by starting to play this or that version of the game. In any case, you will gain practice and invaluable skills, your strategy.

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