Odds table Blackjack – a tool to help win

Blackjack – is one of the most common and most profitable gambling in any casino. In blackjack, you can get an advantage over a gambling establishment, which makes it so popular. The article provides a basic blackjack strategy. This Blackjack odds table is containing the best chances of playing blackjack.

Odds Chart – Understanding the Basics

There are many game strategies on the Internet, but one table is the most common.

Understanding it is very simple. Your cards are on the left, at the top, there is 1 dealer card (the second is hidden). Depending on the combination, we do the actions indicated in the table.

How to use

Using the Blackjack betting odds table is easy. First, count your points, find this amount vertically and at the same time, look horizontally for an open dealer card. At the intersection of these values, ​​there will be an indication of action. For example, a player has 10 points, and the dealer gave himself a three – at the intersection, we see the letter D, which means doubling the bet (Double).

Below for beginners, all possible actions in blackjack are described. Red is the set of cards, and yellow is the stop, blue is the doubling of the bet. The remaining colors mean the following:

H – Add another card. Hit.

S – S – Don’t take it anymore. Stay.

D – Double the current rate. Double

Ds – If the rules allow, double. Otherwise, stop. Double or Stay.

P – Divide the pair and continue the buy. Split

H / P – Split cards, if the rules allow you to double the bet after a split. Otherwise, take another card. Hit or Split.

S / P – Split cards, if the rules allow you to double the bet after the split. Otherwise, we stand. Stay or Split.

D / P – Split cards, if you can double after split. Otherwise, double the bet. Split or Double.

H / R – Surrender, if permitted by the rules. Otherwise, we take another card. Hit or Surrender.

S / R – Surrender, if permitted by the rules. Otherwise, we remain with our own. Stay or Surrender.


The Blackjack odds table pdf is a conservative blackjack game. Its use allows you to reduce the advantage of the casino to 0.5%. Try to combine a card counting system and a basic strategy. Together, these two tools will help to get a positive mathematical expectation and win at the casino. Playing on Blackjack betting odds table values ​​without any modifications is ideal for beginners. In this way, you can quickly learn how to play blackjack and then make decisions yourself.

You can download the Blackjack odds table in jpg from our site.

May luck smile at you!

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